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Influencer marketing campaign results are muddled. Hypertly leverages authentic content with a technology component to get the clearest results possible. Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Fitness and Wellness influencers with engaging audience profiles and a knack for inspiring others.
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Attribution at your fingertips

Hypertly humanizes the influencer marketing experience and scales your influencer marketing campaign by focusing on the thing that matters in the end.




Through our  content creator network of 100,000 individuals, we can help build your brand’s influencer marketing strategy in today’s socially-driven economy.

Hypertly is different.

We harness the power of micro influencers.

In today’s world, those with a following under 100,000 are seeing more engagement, and therefore hold the true power of recommendation.

We track it all.

Our preferred technology partner, dubdub, integrates product links into native influencer content and attributes each and every click.

We create shoppable video content.

With four times as many consumers preferring to watch a video about a product than to read about it, video content is the here and now. Making content that goes direct to sales is just another great bonus.

Simply amazing creators.

By working with passionate content creators who already connect with your brand, you’ll get the most organic engagement possible, and the clearest results on the planet.


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